The curious case of the non transformed web.config when publishing to Windows Azure

Whilst tinkering with my solution, I’m trying out different configurations which sometimes involve adjusting my transformation templates I’ve configured on the web.config’s.  Unfortunally the Windows Azure Tools 1.3 version packages the solution, does the transforms BUT doesn’t put them in the web application folder. The files are stuck in the obj\release\transformwebconfig\transformed folder.

My quick fix for now is to, remote desktop in and copy the file by hand. But of course this is just a cheap transient solution which won’t survive a Re-Image.

Keep you updated!

Update: 08-02-2011

What did I found out thus far: Webtransformations do work if it is the main webrole/site being transformed. But if you have virtual directories pointing to other webprojects in your solution the behavior is as mentioned earlier.

Publish packages are actually encrypted zip files. For debugging purposes you can turn of encryption by adding the _CSPACK_FORCE_NOENCRYPT_ environmental variable to your system variables and set it to true.


If you wonder what the publish… – action really does, it calls for MSBUILD file Microsoft.CloudService.targets which can be found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\Cloud Service\1.0\Visual Studio 10.0\.

If you want to view the output of the publish you’ll have to adjust your Visual Studio settings: Tools –> Options.. –> Project and Solutions –> Build and Run, set the MSBuild project build output verbosity at Detailed.


…. keep you updated


Update 2:

Submitted a bug at microsoft connect:


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